China Intellectual Property Training Center or CITPC is a sub-organization of the National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and is a national-level training institute for IP professionals with sole authorization by the State Council. It is also a "partner of the WIPO network of international training institutes of intellectual property", and is designated as national further education base for Professionals by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. CIPTC takes on the mission to provide training for high-level IP professionals nationwide. As requested by the State Intellectual Property Office, CITPC offers systematic, standardized and efficient training courses to satisfy the training demand of the whole society. It also takes an active part in disseminating IP knowledge to the public through various training methods.

The training programs of CIPTC cover 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country. According to the differences in training targets, content and demands, the training programs are mainly classified into 9 categories, including programs targeted at IP intermediate services, government IP administrations, enterprises and public institutions, government officials, judicial authorities, education system and Western China as well as the postgraduate education and training program on IP-related issues.

The CIPTC-operated China IP Distance-Learning Platform is one of the three key platforms of CNIPA. It is a comprehensive platform with multiple functions, such as online teaching, tutoring, statistics and analysis, teacher information exchanges, etc., after 4 revisions and continuous improvements.

CIPTC also works as an international IP training institute. Every year, CIPTC assists CNIPA to hold a large number of CNIPA-sponsored international seminars. In addition, CIPTC has signed bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements with international counterparts, such as WIPO Academy, National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (Japan), International Intellectual Property Training Institute (Republic of Korea), IP Academy (Singapore), and carried out related cooperation according to the agreement. Moreover, CIPTC also cooperates with John Marshall Law School (U.S.), Cardozo Law School (U.S.), Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law (Germany), Queen Mary University of London (Britain) and other foreign training institutes.