Introduction to JEGA

The National Intellectual Property Administration of the People's Republic of China, the Japan Patent Office and the Korean Intellectual Property Office agreed to establish the Joint Experts Group for Automation (JEGA) during the Trilateral Policy Dialogue Meeting in November, 2002, to strengthen the automation cooperation among the three offices. The first meeting of the JEGA was held in Beijing, China, from August 26 to 27, 2003. As recognized by the three offices, it is of great significance to establish such a cooperative mechanism in the field of automation. The JEGA was established to promote the exchanges of IT information among the three offices and the cooperation among their experts in the field of automation.

The JEGA is established:
- to exchange information on the current situation and development of the automation work in each office;
- to discuss cooperative plans in the field of automation among the three offices based on meeting documents;
- to submit the cooperative plans discussed and agreed at the JEGA meeting to the Trilateral
  Policy Dialogue Meeting;
- to carry out any plans approved by the Trilateral Policy Dialogue Meeting.

The 13th JEGA Meeting Aug  11 - 12, 2015 Beijing
The 12th JEGA Meeting Sep  23 - 24, 2014 Daejeon
The 11th JEGA Meeting Jul  30 - 31, 2013 Tokyo
The 10th JEGA Meeting Oct  16 - 17, 2012 Beijing
The   9th JEGA Meeting Oct  24 - 25, 2011 Daejeon
The   8th JEGA Meeting Oct  20 - 21, 2010 Tokyo
The   7th JEGA Meeting Oct  14 - 15, 2009 Beijing
The   6th JEGA Meeting Oct  09 - 10, 2008 Daejeon
The   5th JEGA Meeting Oct  11 - 12, 2007 Toky
The   4th JEGA Meeting Nov  23 - 24, 2006 Beijing
The   3rd JEGA Meeting Oct  13 - 14, 2005 Daejeon
The   2nd JEGA Meeting Oct  20 - 21, 2004 Tokyo
The   1st JEGA Meeting Aug  26 - 27, 2003 Beijing